Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday - Looking at My Series #MFRWauthor

At present The Micro-manager Murder is the last of those written about Katherine Miller but I do know there will be one other at some time. This story shows the end of the long term relationship of  Katherine and Lars. The Micro-manager Murder starts with the wedding and Katherine's need to get away before the wedding. Lars' attorney and his demands to protect his client's assets makes Katherine edge. A visit to a friend who has a shop selling tea making equipment sets the story in motion. The partner of Katherine's friend is a micro-manager to the nth.

When this friend who has promised to be at the wedding doesn't arrive, Katherine makes a call. She learns the micro-manager has been murdered and Katherine's friend is a prime suspect. Of course Katherine must be there to support her friend. She leaves the wedding reception in a rush, not telling Lars because he'd been dragooned by the minister to talk about church business. Of course Lars follows her.

Having all this settled, Katherine must find who the murderer is before she can leave on her honeymoon. This story was a fun one to write. Reading it to the critique group was an interesting experience. Those who had been present during the other books had no problem with Katherine taking off on her wedding day. Those who had never experienced a Katherine story were upset. Actually, this made the writing more fun.

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