Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday - My Series - A Second Seduction #MFRWauthor

A Second Seduction is the third book in the Seduction Series.

Mark Blakefield gets the shock of his life when he looks at pictures his friend took at a Vermont Inn where he stayed-It's the girl he fell in love with in college-and her son, who looks remarkably familiar.

A photograph sends Mark to find his college sweetheart who vanished out of his life and dropped out of college. The boy in the picture looks like pictures of him as a boy and he believes her son is his. Since she left he's been a playboy kind of guy and a victim of the Blakefield curse. "Once a Blakefield finds their perfect match there can be no other." He finds her at an inn she inherited from her father and sets out to woo her again. Passion erupts but can it last?

Here's the buy link Second Seduction, A 

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