Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday's Inspiration ala Paul Gallico

I've been reading for more years than I care to admit. Many years ago, I discovered Paul Gallico and enjoyed his stories on a number of magazines and also when they were compiled into books. He has influenced my writing in some ways but when I was searching for something to use as an inspiration, I came across a quote that made me think.

"Tell a good story. Tell it in a fresh, novel and interesting manner, or if your story is sufficiently strong and enthralling submerge yourself. (there is more but he ends with something that hit me) In other words, let your story tell itself." Paul Gallico.

Submerge yourself in the story. I know when I write, after the awkward first draft that only the writer can love, suddenly the story becomes my world. Sure I have an outside world with family and all those things that draw me from the world, but when I'm with a story, the world I've created stays inside me. I have managed to submerge myself in a new and sometimes different world.

How about you? Do the characters, the action, the plot, the setting and all that goes into the story world you're creating simmer beneath the surface? Sometimes this can make your family think you've gone crazy especially when you answer a question they haven't asked. Or when you're at the dinner table and people are talking to you but you're sitting at a different table in another world. So, organize your story and submerge yourself in letting the story tell itself.

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