Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday's Meandering With Janet Lane Walters

This meandering is about a series of novellas - The Seduction series that has now grown to five with the release on Friday of A Surprising Seduction. How id this series begin? I'm not really sure what sparked the decision to invent the Good Group of Magazines but from some spark a few years ago the stories began with A Savory Seduction, then came a Silken Seduction, A Second Seduction and a Sudden Seduction. Just as I finished that one and sent it off to my publisher, along came a collection of the first three stories cammed Sweet Seductions. Not wanting the fourth brother to stand alone in the cold, I looked through the books and found two more characters in the other stories to give them a story. Thus was born A Surprising Seduction. There's a final one to be written, probably will be called a Spicy Seduction and it will have a bakery involved. Now sure what more. These are short, spicy stories that were fun to write.

A bit of a meander here. I find writing fun and when it stops being ful, maybe I'll quit. I sort of look at writing a story as pitting myself against the characters and their world. Writing means adventure and at my age adventures on paper are where it's at. Last week, I realized I was within 10,000 words of finishing The Lines of Fire and that makes me happy. Finding the characters reaching their goals and the changed goals is always fun. I also went through 5 chapters of The World Has Come of Age, a title I'm not sure I like but I'll worry about that when I come to the end of the story.

Enough meandering. But have fun reading about what happens in the fifth Seduction story and maybe look at the others. They're all available in a number of formats. The horn has been tooted.

A Surprising Seduction Erotic Contemporary Romance Novella
The deaths of Tony Carlin’s brother and Lauren Grant’s sister bring them together to become guardians to 10-month-old Jamie. The attraction between Tony and Lauren ignored in the past flares to life in the present and causes their worlds to spin out of control. Lauren plans to finish her degree and find a job. Until then she has no time for a man in her life. Tony likes women and multiple is his choice. Tony realizes he has fallen in love and needs a way to show her he won't derail her plans for her future.

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