Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday's Who I've Been Reading by Janet Lane Walters

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The Unholy by Heather Graham Intriguing story where I learned a log about creating props and illusions as well as an enjoyable story, including the ghost of Bogart.

The 1940s: Hard-boiled detectives and femmes fatale are box-office gold. In one iconic scene, set in a deserted museum, the private eye arrives too late, and the buxom beauty is throttled by an ominous Egyptian priest.

Now: The Black Box Cinema immortalizes Hollywood's Golden Age in its gallery of film noir tributes. But the mannequin of that Egyptian priest is hardly lifeless.

He walks—and a young starlet dies a terrifying death.

Movie mogul Eddie Archer's son is charged with the grisly murder. Eddie calls agent Sean Cameron, who specializes in irregular investigations. As part of an FBI paranormal forensics team, Cameron knows that nightmares aren't limited to the silver screen.

No Ordinary Killer by Rita Karnopp A mystery from a fellow author at BWL. Exciting suspense with a good romance.

Enter the conflicting mind of a serial killer on a clever path to bring about the destruction of Cooper Reynolds. The brother, in the killer’s mind, whose life is everything he wants to be his own. Manipulating Cooper’s ex-wife, Megan Reynolds, into writing Malicious Intent, the book explodes on the market. When the murders described in her book begin happening again, Great Falls, Montana, is in a panic. A serial killer is among them and evidence is pointing directly at Detective Cooper Reynolds.
Revenge for her ex-husband’s rejection, writing the first book sounded like a good idea, but now Megan ibeing forced into writing yet another book of three murders in Physical Evidence. The killer is watching her every move and going to the police will only get her mother and children killed. She is caught in a violent world she created on paper . . . and it's now coming to life.

IA agent, Dallas Fortune, is investigating Cooper Reynolds. Although there is more incriminating evidence proving his guilt than innocence, she instinctively believes he is being framed. Together they fight to stay alive while unraveling the clues the killer leaves behind . . . with the hope they’ll discover his identity before Cooper is sent to prison for six murders.

The Navy Seal's Promise by Soraya Lane - Bought on a whim since she shares part of my name. Nice romance.

With only 48 hours back on home soil for Christmas, United States Army Corporal Saskia Cullen is desperate to spend every minute with her young son. So when heavy snowfall closes JFK airport and she misses her connecting flight, she’s devastated. Until Navy SEAL Luke Gray offers to keep her company… and then does everything within his power to get her home.

Luke is back in the US on leave, waiting to hear the details of his next mission, and Saskia proves to be a pleasant distraction. And when he hears that she needs to get home to see her son, he’s prepared to do anything to help the sexy single mom. Trouble is, he hadn’t planned on falling for anyone, let alone a beautiful soldier about to return overseas.

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