Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Who I've been Reading by Janet Lane Walters

First to let everyone know I'm off to a conference and won't be doing the regular Friday and Saturday blogs. Will return sometime on Sunday.
Once again I've been reading an assortment of books

Lauren's Dilemma by Margaret Tanner Not only am I learning about the first World War, but I'm also learning a bit about Australia.
Captain Blair Sinclair returns from the trenches of World War 1 suffering amnesia, and mistakes Lauren (Laurie) Cunningham for his fiancée.

When his real fiancée turns up his memory returns, and Laurie is banished for being an imposter.

Pregnant and desperate to hide the shame of having Blair’s baby out of wedlock, she marries Dick McKinlay. He needs a wife to hide his own dreadful secret.

Dick is tried for a murder he did not commit. Will Laurie reveal both their secrets to save him from the hangman?

The Millionaire's Redemption A modern view of Australia and a heart-warming story.
Fleeing from her ruthless English in-laws who are intent on stealing her child, Holly Kirwan boards a flight home to Australia and meets Justin Devereux. They are instantly attracted to each other. Justin doesn't want a permanent woman in his life, particularly one with a baby in tow. Holly, still grieving for her soldier husband who was killed in Iraq, doesn't want to be disloyal to his memory. Can the young widow and the commitment shy tycoon ever find happiness together.

Now to a different kind of story Death Runs in The Family by Heather Haven - lots of excitement and danger here but a mystery enjoyable.
Book Three in The Alvarez Family Murder Mystery Series

Lee Alvarez’ ex-husband, Nick—a man she divorced with joy in her heart and a gun in her hand—sprints back in her life only to disappear again. She’d love to leave it at that, but could he be responsible for the recent death of her cousin, who keeled over at the finish line of a half-marathon in front of hundreds of spectators? As PI for the family-run business, Discretionary Inquiries, Lee follows the clues to Vegas, where she joins forces with Shoshone PI, Flint Tall Trees. Together they uncover a multi-million dollar betting syndicate, a tacky lounge lizard act, and a list of past but very dead runners, plus future ones to be offed. At the top of the ‘future’ list is the love of her life, Gurn Hanson. Hoping to force the culprits out in the open, Gurn and Lee’s brother, Richard, plan to run San Francisco’s famous Palace to Palace 12K in only a few days. Lee aims to keep the two men she loves from hitting the finish line the way her cousin did—not in a dead heat, but just plain dead! With more at stake than she ever dreamed possible, Lee is in a battle against time to stop the Alvarez Family’s race with death.



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