Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday's Meandering with Janet Lane Walters

Another Monday and today the weather has decided to put a chill in the air. But it's conference time. Been two years since I've been to a conference with other authors and I'm looking forward to meeting people I know and people I don't know. I won't be pushing a new mss or looking for an agent but I'll be looking forward to hearing what others are doing. Publishing is in flux this year with traditional publishers, s publishers and independend publishers all vieing for a bit of the money spent on books. Will enjoy hearing about the new and the fun.

I've been working hard on my current WIP Lines of Fire, the first of a trilogy and am coming near to the end. Probably have the final 5000 words to fit in which means for me filling in all the spaces and also pointing to the next two books without being blatant. Will I succeed? Hope so.

Am also putting the finishing touches on something I promised a friend. She likes the How She/He does it segment of my blog so I promised her I'd give her something to allow her to do a post on her blog without having to do the writing. All I have to do now is mail her the questions, but before I do it I must do a mock up of the interview that she can either use or forget.

Just realized most people plan their blog posts and take days doing them rather than follow my way which is to just sit down and write. Sure there's an idea for each day but that's a just write. Now I must go and see how much I can get done before the invasion. Three grandchildren due, ages 4, 5 and 8. Always an interesting event and they will exhaust me but it's fun.

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