Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday's Meanderings with Janet Lane Walters

The wind has begun with some gusts but no rain yet. Thought I would get some words here while there's time. We usually lose power when there's a storm so I doubt this time will be any different. But storms aside there are other things to talk about such as writing and promotion and time. There are so many things a writer should do to promote themself but who has the time and also write. Blogs to be interviewed for. Tweets to post. Facebook and other social media to attend to. How does one find the time? I'm probably not the best role model. Other than this blog that I do daily and most of the time feature the work of others I don't do what I should. I believe I could use a secretary. But enough of this.

I'm typing the changes to Lines of Fire and will do for a few more days and then it's off to the publisher. That means doing a special bunch of stuff and formatting. Must find my downloads on exactly how that should be done.

I am working on a 45 year old mss that I found the carbon copy of and see some things that may make this an exercise in futility. After the first few chapters with one twin I have switched for I'm not sure how many more to the other. Must decide how this can be handled so when re-working this I can see where to go. The story sort of reminds me of a Pilgrim's Progress. Wonder if I was reading that when I began this story.

Also some ideas are popping for the final Seduction story, A Sweet and Spicy Seduction. Do you like cupcakes? The heroine has a bakery and the hero is a sort of detective who does investigations for the Good Group of magazines.

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