Thursday, September 27, 2012

Who I've been reading - Carly Phillips

Of course I have been reading her stories since we met at HVRWA and became critique partners for a time. I've watched her career bloom and sometimes feel like her mother in writing. Carly's writing talent has grown and I'm so very happy for her success. I have a lot of her books on my shelf and in the various readers I own. Last week I downloaded all the Serendipity stories and read them one after another. If you like contemporary romance with some hot love scenes and heroes and heroines with problems I'd suggest you run to buy or download her stories.

I was glad to read that the town of Serendipity will continue to exist in Carly's imagination. Hopefully some day the contractor will have his story and the owner of the unique clothing store, too. Keep the emotion filled stories of people finding love. I couldn't pick out one of the stories I liked the best, perhaps Ethan's story.

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