Monday, September 10, 2012

Meanderings on Monday by Janet Lane Walters

Before I get into the meander I had a Special Edition of books go free yesterday and also Escape under my J L Walters name. Numbers looked good, though I really don't understand how that works.

Not long ago, one of my critique partners called me a writing machine. This bothered me for a time since I know this isn't how I write. I think she was remarking over the number of books I've written but I think she forgets the number of years I've been honing my craft. I remember when it took months to write a short story since that was where I began writing. Lots of short stories but during the writing of those I learned how tolook at my characters and make them individuals. Many of the things I learned in the early days have become easier and easier. But each story takes on an individual flavor. Yes, my writing is faster now, but not as fast as other writers I know. As my friend Jane Toombs said recently, "Each story takes as long as it takes to tell." Something we often forget. Rushing a story makes it fall flat. For me there's nothing mechanical about writing a story but someof the tricks have been engrained from having done them so many times. This is the meander for today.

As for Lines of Fire, I'm now approaching the end of the fourth draft of the story and will move into the fifth. My son once said my talking about drafts reminded him of drinking beer. In this case, not as smooth but I now am comfortable with my characters and the world they have landed in. There may still be some wrinkles but after this draft is finished only the final cnapters will need a lot of work. So this week I'll strive to move to the end and try to fill in all the blanks that have occurred. For me writing is like painting but more on that in another meandering.

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