Monday, September 3, 2012

The Meander - Musings on what's happening in my writing life by Janet Lane Walters

Change is around us and I've decided to call Monday's visits here as the Meander. If you don't know what a meander is, I'll explain. A meander is a small stream that winds around a meadow seeming to go in no particular direction. During a trip we made frequently, we passed one and I remember watching the side of the road to see where this small stream of water would decide to turn, Like a meander, writing is full of twists and turns so that's what this is about.

I will soon have a group of three books to be offered as one. I find the three books an odd mix but there is a sort of common thread among them. This omnibus includes Choices, a modern medical story where the heroine is faced with hospital politics and must fight to save her hospital. Gemstones is the second one and the heroine is faced with finding love and with learning who wants the Third Eye of Siva, an enormous sapphire. Code Blue is the third book and the heroine must learn if the deaths among her colleagues are accidents or murder and fight for her own life. So in each of the books there is a mystery to be solved.

Am working on Lines of Fire and This is just the first of if I can finish the  stories some year will be a twelve book grouping of four trilogies called The Guild House. The first set is The Defender's Hall and Lines of Fire is the first. I do have a title for the second Tainted Lines of Fire. Haven't come up with a third title but I do know who the main characters are. In time this will come to happen. But not for a while since I have one trilogy to finish, the 6th Katherine Miller mystery to dream up and the last of the Seduction stories to construct.

So this week I'll be busy writing and inventing scenes, smoothing them over and having fun as I meander through my writing life.

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