Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday's Excerpt - Keira Kohl - School Bites

have an excerpt from the last short story in my collection. The collection is called Tempting Evil. This excerpt is from the story School Bites

She splayed a hand on his flesh. Cool to the touch, it ignited a need in her to heat him up any way she could. She whisked her blouse off and watched him take in her new black lace bra.

A hard bass chimed from his pants.

“Shit,” Evan said and moved away from her.

He snatched his phone out of pocket. Though the room was large there was no where she could go and not be eavesdropping. Even with his back to her she heard everything.

“When? Don’t let any of the laundry staff leave. I’ll be right down.”

The apologetic look on his face almost made up for the interruption. She couldn’t even call it coitus interruptus. They hadn’t made it that far.

“You have to go,” she said.

“Police business. Save me a dance, and keep this bed warm.”

Hope sored. She might still be able to relive high school.

“Count on it.” She stood and crossed the room to him. She parted his shirt, pressed her body into his, the contact instantly puckering her nipples. She brushed her lips against his, slipped her tongue inside his mouth, stroked his tongue then softly bit his lip. “Hurry back.”

With a groan he yanked his shirt closed, buttoning it up as he left.


Evan frowned at the body sprawled on the laundry floor, the scent of detergent mixing with the copper smell of fresh blood. He refused to think about what the body meant, unwilling to acknowledge his role in the woman’s untimely death. Guilt would get him nowhere.

“One of yours?” Nancy, his partner asked pointing to the unmistakable teeth marks in the woman’s neck.

“I had a dinner date. No time for sloppy seconds.” She didn’t have to know he hadn’t actually made it to the eating part. He would never do that to Callie.

“And how is your date?”

“You could find out first hand, babe. Just say the word.” Nancy would never take him up on his propositions. It was one of the reasons he loved flirting with her. Most times she flirted back.


“I leave my dates very much alive and wanting more,” Evan said and took a closer look at the body. He was really starting to hate this killer. Two bodies were bad enough but he could be upstairs fucking Callie right now instead of hoping that thinking of cold showers would have the same effect as having one.

He crouched beside the woman intent on taking in the details of the scene. There were no signs of a struggle. Mixed with the scent of detergent and copper was the distinct smell of sex.

“Now sure, but that wasn’t always the case, was it, Evan? How many did you drain just a little too much?”

“There’s always a learning curve.”

“I heard you killed more than a few before you learned to keep your fangs in your mouth.”

“Ancient history. Now all of my meals volunteer. Can you say the same?’

She glared at him. “I became vegetarian the day after we started working together. Thanks for that, by the way.” She sighed then joined him in a crouch beside the body. “I miss meat.”

He supressed a chuckle. His sense of humour was a little more macabre than most in the law enforcement profession. He understood the need to kill more than they ever could. And the will power it took to stop yourself when going just a little bit farther was so easy.

“You’re not going to like this then,” he said pointing to the puncture marks on the woman’s neck.

“I thought you said Toronto didn’t have a lot of vampires. And the ones we did have were careful.”

“Careful yes. That doesn’t mean they don’t slip every once in a while.”

He remembered the case a few years ago that in the end got chalked up to people being ravaged by animals. While the police knew the truth, the rest of the city could never know vampires were real.

“Great. So now we have a hungry vampire on the loose?”

“Not hungry anymore. But I don’t think this one’s local.”

Nancy stood, dusted off her hands even though she hadn’t touched anything. “How do you know that?”

“Call it a hunch. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the murders started happening Thursday.”

“What was Thursday?” Nancy asked.

Distracted by the gruesome scene the jasmine scent filling the air didn’t register until the source stood right behind him.

“The first day of the reunion festivities,” the soft feminine voice said.

Callie. He’d almost gotten the image of her half naked in his arms out of his mind and now she was here teasing his senses again. This time she had a notepad with a pen poised to take notes. He searched his memory for the contents of the alumni newsletter. Most people from high school still lived in the city, most worked average, mundane jobs. But he remembered from the short article about Callie that she was a reporter for one of the newspapers on the west coast.

“You think it’s someone with the reunion?” Nancy asked.

“Like I said I don’t think it’s a coincidence.”

“You really think someone we went to school with is a murderer?” Callie inched closer to the body.

Evan grasped her elbow and guided her away from the scene. “I think people are capable of a lot of things we would never have considered they could do.”

Callie stood on her toes to look over his shoulder. She tilted her head and leaned a little closer, reaching out to grab his shoulder when her balance faltered. Blue eyes squinted and her brows came together. A little gasp escaped her lips. She flattened her feet again and looked him.

“She was your girlfriend in high school.”

He glanced over his shoulder at the body, images from high school raced through his head at high speed. Before he’d started dating Callie he’d dated a cheerleader. Add fifteen years, twenty pounds and a blonde dye job and they had victim number two.

“Shit,” he said, walking back to Nancy, Callie close behind him.

“What’s wrong?” Nancy asked.

Callie hooked her thumb at him. “Evan dated her in high school.”

Nancy studied the victim then turned her attention back to him. “Really? She doesn’t seem like your type.”


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