Monday, August 27, 2012

27 August - Week Behind and Week Ahead by Janet Lane Walters

The start of another week and it's hard to believe another week has passed. I have reached the halfway point on Lines of Fire, as far as drafts go and have more than half the wordage I projected for the book. The story is taking shape very nicely. During the coming week I hope to move forward with the goal of finishing the book before the end of the year.

What I have to do this week is work on some promo, read more books for a contest. Sure hope they go better. Sometimes reading for contests is difficult expecially when you find books that you want to won and books you wish had never been entered. But mum's the word on likes and dislikes until the contest ends. I also need to email an editor to learn if she received the book sent over a month ago. And figure how to put my books up on a promo site.

Lately I've been reading on several of my published loops about people being concerned about receiving bad reviews. They agonize over the words someone says about their books. I guess I mostly ignore reviews both the good and the bad. Maybe this is because I've done reviews in the past and stopped doing that because I realized not every book hits me the same way. I also discovered that there were books I loved that others hated and books I hated that everyone loved. Yes, there are people out there that love to trash books, especially those with lots of great reviews. But to let this stop one from writing doesn't make sense to me. The person I have to please with my stories is myself and the editor who sends a contract. Guess this is my rant for the week. I also know nothing good ever comes from writing the reviewer.

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