Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday - A Step From The Usual by Janet Lane Walters

Since what I'm reading these days I can't talk about for a long time today is going to be abour my own news during the past week or so. There are two events in my writing life that need a little bit of plug.

Received the release date for A Surprising Seduction and that's to be September 7th. This is the fifth story in the Seduction series and there is just one more to go. This story pits Lauren Grant against Tony Carlin in the game of love. Here's a bit of the opening salvo of the story.

Bright morning sun glinted on the stained glass windows of the gray stone church. Lauren Grant left the memorial garden where the ashes of her sister and brother-in-law had been interred inside the stone wall near her parents’ site. She rubbed her arms to chase the chill of the autumn day.

Conversations flowed around her. She drew a deep breath to force back the tears ready to fall. Not yet. She had to leave. More words of sympathy might release the flood.

As she dashed past the stairs leading to the sanctuary, she saw him standing with the pastor, two of Jim’s colleagues and a teacher friend of Carrie’s.

Tony Carlin. Tall, broad-shouldered, dark hair. She felt sure his piercing blue eyes compelled witnesses to tell the truth when he questioned them on the stand. Jim’s brother and the man she had to share custody of their ten month old nephew troubled her. She wasn’t sure why, except sharing wasn’t part of his nature.

Then I received the contract for the fifth Katherine Miller mystery. Wish I had another fifth hanging around. For those who have followed Katherine's career as the woman who bodies find, this story has a bit of a twist. Katherine is marrying Lars an event that has been delayed for many years. The Midas Murders goes into the reasons why very clearly. Katherine leaped into action in Murder and Mint Tea when she found the body of her tenant on the front lawn. The action moved to the church where she had been the organist for years. The body this time was the new charismatic organist. Her next discovery took place in Santa Fe where she went to spend New Year's Eve with Lars, a far distance from her Hudson River village. Katherine then went undercover as a nurse in The Hudson House Murders to find the killer of a friend and uncover a convoluted scheme. With the Wedding plans set The Micro-manager Murder sees Katherine leaving her wedding reception when a friend is accused of murdering her partner.

That's the news from my Hudson River village and now it's back to work.

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