Monday, August 6, 2012

6 August - Week Behind and Week Ahead

Found an entire novel I'd written years ago and shoved in a file cabinet. Began looking it over and I can see why it was nearly discovered. The writing isn't completely wonderful but there are many moments where the story comes alive. Now what to do. This story is probably 80,000 words in length and is a carbon copy done on yellow paper. Part of me wants to jump in and start working on it immediately but I do have a current WIP to move ahead on. I will figure this out in time. This is another YA kind of story so I will start to work on it slowly and surely but I will continue with my current WIP. Impatience will get me nowhere.

Last week I went over the halfway point on the Plot Draft of Lines of Fire. The story is shaping up and so far I've managed to shrink the plot holes from ocean liner size to perhaps rowboat size. I'll soom be finished with this draft and then it will be time to continue. Last week I forgot to remind the Friday Saturday blogger about her material.

This week I'll manage to nearly finish the Plot draft of current WIP. I'll be doing a bit of promotion and there will be a critique group Tuesday evening. Could be a steller meeting. Haven't heard from 3 of the regular group but some respond slower than others. Looking forward to hearing what they're doing with their stories.

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