Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday - Plots - Transformation

Many stories deal with transformation. Meaning that the character isn't the same when the story ends as they were in the beginning. This is a character device rather than an action device where the character may or may not change. This is often seen in stories that are "coming of age" stories. This device focuses on one time in a character's life when they are faced with choices. This type of story deals with a character moving from one stage of life to another. The nature of the change and how it effects the character is important. The character must realize the impact of the change on his life. Growth is important to the story. The ending can cobtain an element of sadness. A child becomes a man and leaves the wonder behind and must face the reality. A person who has committed some kind of act realizes what they have done is wrong. In a Transformation story, the change in a character's nature is vital. And the change must be a real one and understood by the character.

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