Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday's Inspiration - Imagination

Today's Inspiration is about Imagination. While reading an short article by B. J. Chute, this author was discussing things that make an author. One of these was imagination. "Imagination is as necessary to a writer of fiction as web-spinning is to a spider." Not the exact quote but close. This triggered me th think about how often readers have mentionedmy imagination. Where did it come from? I think perhaps the first place where my imagination was honed was during my childhood after I learned to read and discovered words other authors had put on papers. Another was growing up in the days without television. One listened to stories on the radio and had to use their imagination to turn these words into pictures. Today writers use television and the movies to send their imagination on various tracks.

While imagination can't be created it certainly can be developed/ Imagination must be used. Playing the game of "what if" or "what might happen next" is a good way to hone the imagination. Being unafraid to spin stories and situations can help the imagination grow. When writing with imagination, anything is possible.

What about you? Do you send your imagination on strange journeys without worrying where they may go. One of the ways I've found for leting my imagination run wild is when I'm settling down to sleep thinking about the story I'm writing for the one I'd like to tell. Often I fall asleep while in the middle of an adventure. Sometimes, what I've been imagining is so vivid I must get up and jot some notes. Other times I find I've chosen a new direction for the piece of fiction I've been working on. Whatever you do, remember imagination is one of the basic building blocks in making a writer.

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Janice Seagraves said...

I do the same thing. I suffer from insomnia and when I lay down at night I often play around with my story ideas.

I often say if it wasn't for my insomnia, I would be a writer, lol.