Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday - On Plot - Temptation

Today Temptation is the plot or plot device to be looked at. Will the main character bite or not? That is the basis of temptation. The direction can either be showing someone constantly rejecting what ever tempts them or accepting the temptation. While resisting can be interesting the character who takes the temptation then must face the consequences of his or her action. This can make for a great story.

Using this device is shown through character development rather than action. Motives and needs are the important directions. This device demands the character change and the change is a great one. Most of the conflict when using temptation as a device is interior. Frequently this is the character against himself rather than vieing with another person, social group or natural disaster.

The hero or heroine's nature needs to be shown as well as the temptation they face. Once they give in and sieze the temptation there should be some gratification. The hero or heroine should revel in the choice they made and think they have won. Then slam them with the consequences. Their attempts to avoid paying for what they have done should show their slide to the bottom and then the decision to change.

These kind of plots or plot devices usually end with the character seeking redemption and atonement for their actions. There may or may not be a happy ending. The moment of redemption can come as the character is facing death.

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