Monday, February 20, 2012

20 February - Last week and this

For those who might be interested and who have a Kindle or Kindle app. The doctor's Dilemma is free today only at Feb 20 The Doctors Dilemma

The winner of a copy of Moon Pool is Rhonda D. Have sent an email to her.

Last week was a rather busy one and writing on A Surprising Seduction has sped along. For some reason this story has moved quickly and I'm under 10,000 words of nearing the end. Not bad for about two weeks plus of writing. The hero is busily digging himself into a hole based on faulty assumptions. He's going to have to dig himself out and this is often hard for those who are alpha heros. They don't like to apologize and begging is out. His attraction to the heroine is quite strong. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

This week I'll hopefully get all those wonderful words down on paper and then it will be into the revision part of the process. Taking all those writing missteps this writer often finds during the rough draft and even to two or three drafts beyond. The use of It, such a vague word when one could be specific. Or those things beginning She began to run. She ran is so much more active. Then there are the really passive sentences. In my case it's often having the people work in a vacuum with no thought of where the characters are really going. Now it's off to work and hopefully to another great week.

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