Monday, February 13, 2012

13 February Week Behind and Week Ahead

Winner of Becoming Your Own Critique Partner is R. Ann Siracusa

Last week was a busy one and one with a unique event. Out chapter HVRWA took part in the first Nook Book signing at the Barnes and Noble store in the Pallisades Mall. There were no physical books being sold only downloads. I believe I sold some books. I don't know for sure abd won't for a long time. I believe the signing was a success since they asked us back for around Mother's Day. Actually I think for the store this was successful for it brought the Nook a lot of attention. Perhaps this will take in other places. I signed a half dozen postcards I printed for the people who circled the title or titles of some of my books on the list they took to the cashier to be given a code for the download. They could take the code home or they could download it right in the store.

As to writing, I'm about a third of the way done with A Surprising Seduction. This isn't bad, especially when I'be been working on it for a little over two weeks. When a book practically writes itself one feels good but also a bit wary. Hopefully this one will please my editor.

This week I'll be plunging ahead and hope to finish what I call the Where draft. Often I forget about placing my characters in anything but a vacuum. I always must go back and add the little touches. Sometimes I go overboard but that's why i have a critique group. They tell me when I've written. Once this book is done I'll be working on a new Mrs. Miller story but that's for a time ahead.

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