Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday - Happy endings - Satisfactory endings

Endings -- Happy or satisfactory? What does this mean. Sometimes a happy ending can be forced and then the writer goes on to write an epilogue that proves the ending was a happy one. Not that all epilogues are wrong but having to prove the ending was really happy somehow blunts the meaning of the story.

Writing the end can be difficult. Try to remember that a satisfactory ending can be happy or not happy. With a satisfactory ending the characters receive exactly what they earned through the story. The romantic couple find each other and live happily ever after. The murder is caught and the detective glows in bringing justice. Any story can have a satisfactory ending, one that leaves the reader with thoughts about what a wonderful story the writer wove.

When working toward the satisfactory ending remember the seeds of the ending must be sown throughout the story. A saccharine ending cloys on the reader's mine while a totally depressing ending makes the reader sour.

I usually know the ending of my stories before I begin. I don't mean I have the scene fully visualized. Not going to happen. What I have in the back of my mind a point where all the problems are resolved and hopefully when I reach this point the ending is satisfactory to those who read the story. The ending may be happy, sad of even depressing but I want the reader to believe the characters all received exactly what they deserve.
So go for the satisfactory ending.

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Janice said...

Some times it can be difficult to find the correct ending for your story. But a real feel good ending will have your readers coming back for more.