Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday's Inspiration - Courage and Creativity

What started me on this inspiration was talent versus passion. Rollo May speaks about those with talent who lack passion. Sent me off on what's perhaps a tangental trip. But those seem to be the most fun ones. In today's publishing world there are many opportunities to be published and a lot of talented people who are being published. It's really a whole new world.

Recently I've read a number of books by talented writers but many of them didn't really capture my attention. The stories were well written and the characters were interesting but something was missing. There was no spark that took them from the mundane to the spectacular. Several of them were while not copies of other books either written by the same author or by best-selling authors, seemed like clones.

Just what is the spark that takes a writer's prose and elevates it above that of others? Could be it's passion for the story, for the characters, for the individuality that takes it beyond the ordinary. Unfortunately many people who read enjoy the ordinary, the books that follow the same patterns that they're familiar with. Thus we end up with a lot of books by talented people who lack the spark to make their books shine.

I believe what it takes is a total immersion of the writer in what they're working on. This state is ahrd to find and doesn't occur easily. Find some aspect of the tale you're spinning and make that the passion of the story. Who knows what will happen unless you try.

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