Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday's Inspiration - Creativity - Limitations

Are there limitations to creativity? I'm sure there are but when reading this segment, several things struck me as interesting. Rollo May began with death. That really does limit not only creativity but also life. Yet, I thought, there are cretive works that live far beyond the lives of their creators. Daydreams of writing something like this often will stunt a writer because they're too worried about what others will think rather than expressing what they have discovered.

Another limitation he mentioned was physical health. This is also true and not true. We've all read and heard about artists and writers who may have a physical limitation but rise above that and produce creative works.

Other limitations mentioned here were such as family, country, era and education. The point he made was that to be crative one must recognize their limitations and then surpass them.

I found these thoughts to be interesting. So explore your limitations and perhaps you can transcend them.

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