Monday, September 5, 2011

5 September - Week behind Week ahead - Snakes and Crocodiles

Last week went well with The Chosen of Horu. Now have the book 16% done and hopefully will get a lot more done this wwek. Had a glitch and didn't get much done on Saturday. Had the two youngest grandchildren for a few hours. At ages 3 and 4, they exhausted me. One wanted to be outside and the other wanted to be inside. Felt like the Solomon thing except it was the grandma being pulled in half. They are the busiest children I've ever been around but then everything is new to them since their early years weren't spent in this country. It's a pleasure to see such curiosity. After they left I collapsed with a good book.

This week I must do some research. In writing we often have to face our fears, or at least have our characters face them for us. This week it's SNAKES and CROCODILES. Those are in capitals because I feel that way about them. On my shelf I found a book about snakes and have been delving into the words and pictures. I do not have one on crocodiles so I'll hit the internet for that. This is what I get for placing a story in an ancient Egypt. The snake will die but the crocodile won't. At least I have some magical creatures in the story to rid my hero and heroine of the crocs. That's what's wonderful about writing fantasy. One can find a way to chase the fears away.

The goal for this week is to work on the plot draft of another five to seven chapters. Hopefully I'll find a way to keep the schedule going. Would like to finish this story and move on to another that's beginning to perculate. Writing is a never ending business.

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