Monday, September 19, 2011

19 September - Week Behind and Week ahead

Jast week's progress on The Chosen of Horu continued with grabbing all my research books and working on putting the local character into the book and learning new and interesting things about survival on the desert. Put my hero into a panic when bitten by a small scorpion and having the heroine assure him he wouldn't die. This came after he offed a snake with a sure knife throw. Seeing a bit of weakness in a hero is good. In his case it's because he's from here and now and thrown into an ancient Egypt alternate world and knows little about what he's facing. About 25 percent finished. This round is the slow one because of the research necessary. Saw the release of Moon Pool written with Jane Toombs, a four novella book with the setting being what ties the stories together.

Coming up this week on the blog are the usual posts. In my personal writing life I'll be speaking at the Suffern library on Packing for your Literary Journey along with Chelle and a video taped segment by Charmaine. I'm still having a September spot light at Anne Patrick's blog. Did all the segments in August. Will keep chipping away at The Chosen of Horu.

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