Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday's Inspirations - Courage and Creativity - Symbols

When reading the bit from The Courage To Create by Rollo May, I found a segment on symbols. The symbolic language and the symbols one uses when writing often become part of the "writer voice." At a conference I heard a dynamic speaker, Debra Dixon, talking about the "Writer's Voice." This dels with word choice and many other things. During the talk I kind of drifted off on the symbols. There are ones I use frequently and I don't think they're there by choice.

Symbols are often things important to the writer and are born in the unconscious. When writing suddenly they're just there and they often are used to describe a character's state of mind.

What are your symbols? Do they creep into your writing when you are unaware of even using them. These symbols can be used and explored often taking the writer along a side track to something important to their characters and to the writer's own life. Take a look at your own fiction and see what symbols frequently appear in your stories. Look at these symbols and see where they lead you, perhaps to a deeper story.

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