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Wednesday The Virgo Pisces Connection #MFRWHooks #BWLAuthor #medical romance #Virgo #Pisces #Astrology


Join the authors at #MFRWHooks here  for some great excerpts. Mine is from the Virgo Pisces Connection where a nurse flees from work stress into an adventure


Pisces Megan experiences burnout. Her third witnessed death on the Oncology Unit in a week is too much for her to handle. Going to her apartment and being alone isn't to her taste. Of all the Grantley Gang, she is the only one not married. She tries to resign from the hospital and is persuaded to take a month of her accumulated vacation time first. Avoiding her five friends, Megan rushes from town, not knowing or caring where she is going. Escaping the ghosts of the dead is her primary goal. During a blinding snowstorm, she crashes into the life of Dave Malloy MD.

Dave is a Virgo a traveling doctor going from assignment to assignment over the country. He's decided two things. One is to settle and gather moss. The other is to find his sister lost years ago when they were sent to two different foster homes. He has found her and vows to rescue her from an abusive situation. When Megan lands against a tree at the house where he is staying, he finds her very attractive. But can he act on this attraction when he must care for her after the accident and his decision she is a patient?

Together, they must find his sister and hope they aren't too late.


As he pulled into the driveway, the motion sensor light flashed on temporarily blinding him. He hit the switch to raise the garage door and parked inside. After carrying the groceries and other things into the house, he brewed a cup of coffee, carried the mug and the sub from the grocery store into the living room. He settled on the couch and reached for the letter he wanted to read. He glanced toward the window. Snow fell so heavily only when the wind gusted could he see through rents in the white curtain.

What? He jumped to his feet and ran to the window. Were those headlights he saw headed for the house?


* * *


The wipers barely cleared the windshield. The trees on either side of the road had become white blurs. Megan gripped the wheel. A glimpse at the dashboard showed she was two miles from town. She prayed for a house where she could beg shelter for the night.

Then, she saw a break in the lines of trees on the left side of the road. A huge dark mass stood beyond the gap. A house? She turned the wheel and headed into what she hoped was a driveway. The rear of the car skidded. A bright light flashed blinding her. The car slid out of control. A crash, inflated airbags. Her head hit the driver’s side window. The horn blared.


* * *


The blaze of light startled Dave. Before he refocused, he heard a loud noise followed by a blurring horn. Sandwich abandoned, he pulled on his boots, parka and gloves. He left the house and waded through the snow. The motion sensor light flared and illuminated the large oak tree and the wrecked car. Clumps of snow had dropped from the barren branches onto the car.

He reached the car. The front end wrapped around the tree. With his hands he brushed snow from the driver’s window and saw the woman. Her head rested against the glass. Though he tried, he couldn’t open that door. The biting wind and driving snow forced him to try the rear door. He needed to know if she lived. If so, he needed to extract her. Waiting for help didn’t seem to be an option. With the storm, who knew when the plows would be out?

With some struggle, he managed to force the rear door open. He touched the woman’s throat and felt a steady beat. Good. Now came the problem. Since the front door wouldn’t open he had to drag her to the back.

Dave slid along the rear seat and managed to lower the back of the passenger’s seat and then the drivers’/ He opened the seat belt. He tossed the duffle and purse into the snow. With his hands under her arms, he tugged and maneuvered her toward the rear seat. As he worked, he prayed he wasn’t doing any more damage. When he had her length on the lowered back, he paused to gulp some breaths.

How to get her to the house. On the rear floor, he found a blanket. He spread it over the back seat and managed to lift her. He studied her. Short blonde curls, a small nose and kissable lips.

Dumb. Not the time or the person. He checked the lump on the side of her head. She moaned. No bleeding, a good thing. He backed from the car, grasped the top edge of the blanket and pulled. Slowly, her body emerged until like a cork from a bottle of champagne, she shot forward. He slipped and tumbled to the ground. She landed on his lower body.


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Sierra said...

Very nice! Good medical staff makes all the difference to oncology patients and their families, but I can see where it would be hard on them.

Anonymous said...

I'm with this guy, hoping he didn't do more damage to her getting her out of the car. This would be a very scary rescue situation.