Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Time to Tell #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Writer's Tip #Tell #Time

 When you're writing, one warning you always hear is show don't tell. Is this always the case. There is a time to tell and that is done by exposition. A bit of exposition will give the reader a break from the ongoing action. Done well this break can be welcome. Think of a movie you've seen. The setting and other things are shown through pictures. Not possible when writing a story of book unless it amy be a comic book. Telling is different from showing and necessary for a story. When I began writing, an editor once wrote, "Your characters are existing in a vacuum. You may know the setting but the reder has to have clues. Another pointed out the lack of cody language and physical descriptions of the characters. While the reader may use their imagination, some find it hard to stretch that far. So a bit of exposition can add spice and detail to a story.

Of course you can go overboard and suddenly there is more telling that showing. Finding the right balance is hard but is worthwhile. This is one of the secrets so don't totally avoid esposition and send your reader off on a journey od detatched scenes, Also don't have so much exposition, the story becomes lost in description.

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