Thursday, September 5, 2019

Thursday's Fourth Scene Moon Pool Janet Lane Walters and Jane Toombs #MFRWAuthor #Contemporary romance #Paranormal

Luke shook his head.  Thea was even lovelier than he remembered.  She had cut her brown hair into a more sophisticated style.  She had remained slim.   And he still wanted her.
            So she had married a man with money, but she didn’t look happy with her choice.  Luke grinned.  Her happiness or the state of her marriage wasn’t his business.  Why should he care?  Thea had been a summer fling.  He thought of Sue and grimaced.  He’d spend a summer fending off her advances.  Was he in for a repeat of a situation he didn’t want instead of the one that held his hope?
            He needed distance so he could think.  Luke strode toward the tennis court.  Not that he intended to play.  He rubbed his right hand.  The injury that had ended his career as a surgeon kept him from taking part in most sports.
            Why had Thea come?  When he’d read the clipping about the Lodge’s final season and the invitation to former staff members to meet here this week he had wondered if she would show.  She had and he wished he had stayed away.  His life was in shambles.  He had hoped the serene surroundings would give him a new purpose.  He feared he faced a complication he didn’t need.  He wanted Thea with the same desire as before.
            Luke slumped on a bench.  He’d never forgotten the way she had denied their love.  She’d blamed him for not warning her about his age but her friend had told him the real reason.  Thea’s actions during the remainder of that summer had confirmed Sue’s story.
            Not that he’d wasted his life yearning for her.  Liar.  There had been other women but none of his affairs had lasted long.  His thoughts returned to that summer and Sue’s avid pursuit.  He’d been lucky to escape her.

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