Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tuesday's Writer's Tip Modifying Your Sentences and Paragraphs #MFRWauthor #Writing #Modifiers

Just what is a modifier and how are they used? We've all read stories where the words , sentences and paragraphs are modified beyond belief. Modifiers are words added to make an image more clear. According to Webster's Dictionary, modifiers are used to change something slightly in character or form. There's nothing wrong with using modifiers.

I've overused them, especially in a rough draft when I'm trying to convey something. Sometimes I've used two or more modifiers of the same noun or expression. As I revise, I know I must choose the right one. Sentences like the tiny, little, petite, gray-haired old woman may give a picture of the character but there are other and better ways to show this character. As a writer, I need to choose the right ones and the right ways to do this. Mabel reached my chest and I'm not a tall person. Her gray  hair looked as though she's combed it with a rake. This shows she's tiny, gray-haired and gives the reader a real picture of the character rather than the string of modifiers.

So when you find yourself writing a string of modifiers to describe someone or something, or some place. Select, select just one and find another way to get the information in. Strong verbs and nouns are one key to this.



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