Saturday, September 15, 2018

Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Roberta Grieve #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Russia #India #England

On Wings of Song


Rebellious society girl Arabella Raynsford, terrified that her double life is about to be revealed, and to escape from her arranged marriage to rich Irish landowner Oswald Delaney, flees to the Crimea to join Florence Nightingale. 

With the connivance of her maid, Maisie, she has been leading a double life as popular music hall singer Bella Forde. She has also fallen in love with penniless engineer Nat Sloane, a match her ambitious mother will never agree to. 

She finds fulfillment in working with Florence Nightingale in the hospital but cannot forget Nat or her stage career. 

Will she ever sing again and will she and Nat find happiness?
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Ladies’ maid Daisy March is eagerly awaiting the return on leave of her employer’s son, Naval Lieutenant Jack Davenport. Surely this time he will defy his family and declare his love for her. But it is not to be and she is accused of stealing and summarily dismissed. 

When she takes up nursing on the outbreak of World War One she is dismayed to discover that Jack’s sister, Georgina is also among the new recruits. 

They are posted to Malta where Daisy hopes to be reunited with Jack. When scandal threatens both girls they are united in friendship
. But tragedy strikes and it seems there will be no happy ending for either of them.

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Ellie Tyler’s dreams of going to art college and getting away from life in postwar London’s East End are shattered when she is forced to give up her education and go to work for her father’s boss in a disreputable night club. She has fallen in love with Harry, her foster brother, who is away in the army.

She consoles herself that when he returns he will rescue her from her unbearable situation. But then she suffers horrific abuse at the hands of her father and runs away, ending up in a small Essex village. She manages to find work in one of the remaining silk mills in the area and, with the encouragement of the mill owner, slowly begins to rebuild her life, re-discovering her creativity and gaining confidence from her success as a designer. But, although she still dreams of Harry, her first love, she feels she can’t face him after what her father did to her, and she cuts herself off from her family. Will she ever find happiness, or will those ‘threads of silk’ bind her forever to her traumatic past? 

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