Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tuesday's Writer's Tip Check List for Modifiers #MFRWauthor #BWL Publishing #Adverbs #Adjectives

When you're revising and doing those final edits, having a list of things to check for helps. This is the one for adjectives and adverbs, those defining and sometimes not great choices for making your story sing.

1. An excess of adjectives - Do you use three or more to get your meaning of a word across? One and maybe two should be enough to carry the picture.

2. Have you used adjectives to the best advantage? See if using them brings the personality of the character into view.

3. In a scene, think about adding a character or two so a bit of dialogue or action can be used instead of a mass of adjectives.

4. Look at your tag lines. Do they all have those ly words attached? angrily, sadly etc. You know what I mean.  Check your other advebs, especially like very. Make a list of common adverbs so you become aware of them.

5. Watch out for purple prose passages. They are filled with adjectives and go over the top.

6. Make sure the adjectives and adverbs you've chosen add to the definition of character, setting and the plot.



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