Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tuesday's Writer's Tip _ Check List for Scene #MFRWAuthor #Writing #Scenes

We've talked a lot about how important scenes are for the story to make sense and how each scene must do one or many things. Here is a check list to use when revising your manuscript.

! Do the scenes advance the plot, show character development or give the reader needed information. Finding one of these elements in each scene is good. If the scene covers two of the elements, that's great but having a scene do all three is wonderful. It's not always possible to do more than one thing in a scene but not impossible.

2. Is the information repetitive? There;s nothing that makes a reader want to stop reading if they find the same bit of information given over and over in more than one scene. You can get away with at the most three times but only if this is a vital bit of information and is given in a different manner. Don't bore the reader.

3. Is the description overdone? We've all read those long passages of description that causes a stall in the reading. Select the words with care for the most vivid impact. Also make sure this description adds to the plot in some manner.

5.Is the dialogue mere chitchat? When we talk in everyday talks there are often tangents explored but in a story, the dialogue must keep to the point.

6. Does the scene have a purpose? If it doesn't cut it.

7. Does a secondary character suddenly take over a scene? Maybe they would like their own book but don't let them steal the hero or heroine's thunder.



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