Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Writing ABC - The Ending

You've explored the middle of the story and have all those scenes full of action that drive the characters and the story. The tale is almost ended but you can't just write The End. The ending a a story is more complicated than that. So let's start to look at the plots.

There is the Black Moment or the time when one of the characters believes he or she has no chance to reach the goal. This period needs to be strong and the character must believe and make the reader believe. Achieving this might be hard but it's a necessary part of the story. Pulling out all the stops here is a must.

One thing you must remember is that during the middle and those action scenes you should feed in the seeds that will grow into that black moment. The character's belief that all is lost has to be triggered by his desires and his developed personality. So work on this scene hone it until the emotion grips you. There are some books that when you read, even though you know the character will succeed, you as the writer or the reader will feel that bit of despair then you know you have found this point and realize something must follow.

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