Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration - Don't Ever Say I Can't #MFRWauthor #writing #inspired

The other day I was with a friend and we were talking about writing. She mentioned a genre she would never write. Not that she had anything against the genre but she thought she couldn't write these kind of stories. I thought back to my middays of writing. When I began all was simple. Romances ended with a kiss and a marriage proposal. There was no sex though the implication was when the time was right sex would happen.

I started reading new stories and I saw what was there. I can't write those kind of scenes, I told myself. Then I reached a time of a major writer's block. Actually I just gave up and almost stopped writing. The I can't got into my head and I felt as though i couldn't write.

This wasn't any fun and became a struggle. Then I decided I would learn to add this element to my stories.  Slowly the skill was honed and my writing took off. The can't became I could.

There are some kind of stories I don't want to write. I imagine I could write one if I wanted to take the time to research and immerse myself in the genre. I really don't like reading horror stories but if the idea for one took hold, I would.

So the moral of this is don't say you can't for you never know what an idea will spin.

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Paul McDermott said...

Janet, interesting you specifically mention "I don't think I could write a horror story" and follow this with an "unless ....." qualifier! Until this week I would have said exactly the same as you, BUT as a direct result of a DREAM which frightened the **** out of me (thank God it also WOKE ME UP!!!) I managed to scribble something on the notepad I keep at my bedside for just such events, and I now have the bones of a HORROR story (and the first chapter almost written!)