Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration _ Writing When There Are Other Things To Do #MFRWauthor #Inspiration

I belong to a critique group. Some of the members keep writing every day while others don't and they wonder why they never have anything to read or seldom have words to read. There is a trick since an author is called on to do more than just write books. Even the book has several layers of tasks. The thing is to multi-task but not the way some people use this clever way of keeping on top of everything.

The first is to make lists no matter if they are just in your head. You need to think about what needs to be done. There's writing, editing, typing and promotion. Each one of these takes time. Now if you have a full time job, writing time is hard to find. Some people skip lunch and take this time to write. Some people get up an hour early to get some writing in. There are those who forego a favorite TV show. The decision of how to find the time is yours.

Now if you're retired, there are other things that keep you from accomplishing that first item on the list. There are the grandchildren who want your time or the children who think you would be the perfect sitter for their children. There can be the husband who is also retired and can't figure why you would want to spend time in front of the computer when you could be out and doing things, often things that are more his ideas of fun than yours. Sometimes you have to say no.

So is there a solution for all these distractions. You need to set a time every day that's your writing time and make sure the family knows this is your time. After awhile they are more likely to notice when you don't follow your routine. Another is planning your book so that when you sit down to write you waste little time moving along. Know what your next scene will be and suddenly you will sit down and the words will come quickly.

I'll try to inspire you on the other areas in the time to come.

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