Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wedensday's Writer's Tip - Writing ABC - Countries #MFRWauthor #Writing

More exploration of setting - things a writer needs to know. This is about countries. This is the broadest of past of settings and bringing the reader into the story. Though your story may take place in the country where you live, you have a choice of which elements that make us a country to put into your book. You may be writing about a country where you have visited. Then you need to hone in on the things that interested you the most. Perhaps it's the Tower of London or the streets of Paris. The scene could be a country you're exploring in a historical setting for the story. Here you must make sure you don't have a structure that wasn't present in the time setting you've chosen. Readers like to point out anomalies. Now one can get away with this if they're writing an alternate world setting.

If you're writing fantasies you really need to invent your physical world and create a map if only in your head showing things like rivers, mountains and other such physical things. You may not use the all, but you'll have them on tap.

A good source of the physical world you can find are maps, atlases and books that show different climes. A class I had in college helps me with this and I often pull the small textbook for that course to help when I'm writing some world that is invented or some place I've been on the world I know. This is about as general as one sees the setting of a story. Just remember one little touch can be the one that makes the reader believe in what you've created.

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