Monday, July 18, 2016

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #writing #poem #birthdays

Meander 1  Poem


I feel I am a mirror - reflecting
Other people's lives.
A surface shimmering
With other people's deeds.
So little of myself is seen.
So little do I do.
I live a silvered background
Of other people's days.
So little can I do
But sit and observe.

Meander 2 - Yesterday I had a birthday. The thing that interests me is I feel no older than I did the day before. I have lived many years - 80 - and I do remember most of those years. Not so much of the early ones. In fact other than stories told to me by parents and grandparents I'm not sure I really remember or what they have told me becomes mixed in my memories. The first one I really recall was when I was three and I went with my grandfather to the local library for my first library card. I had to read from a book in the children's section for the librarian. I did and I had my card. Another memory about reading was first grade. We had those Dick and Jane books. When it was my turn to attempt reading, I read every line with expression. The teacher insisted I had memorized the book because someone had read it to me. In tears I went home and told my father, This was lunch time and we went home to eat. No cafeterias in those days. My father dragged me to the school and the principal's office. He insisted they pick a book from their shelves and ask me to read. I did, only stumbling over long words in the passage - like Allegheny and Mononghela. The book was an American history. They told my teacher and I didn't have to perform with the other children but could read what I wanted. That teacher never liked me.

Meander 3 - Writing. I'm rough drafting a new story and I really made a mess. In chapter one, I mention the heroine's mother had died a year before. Low and behold in chapter 11 the mother reappears. Meant reworking that part of the book to rid myself of the Major Plot hold. Right now I'm working on the final written draft of Kat's story as well as typing changed made in the first four chapters of that book, typing more segments of Past Betrayals and typing the Cancer Capticorn Connection rough draft. Flying fingers win.

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