Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration revisiting the Writer's Journey - Christopher Vogler #MFRWauthor

Written in 2010 and revisited today.

Years ago, I bought The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler and started to read it but for some reason I put it on the shelf and didn't finish it. While doing these things to inspire people in their writing I pulled it off the shelf and started to read.

He maps out a sort of 3 act arc. This begins in the ordinary world. This made me think about the ordinary world. This is different for each character one creates and this means one has to build a bit of the character's world before the story begins. For me this means that after I've decided what my story is going to entail, I have to think about what is going on in a character's life and what makes them want to leave this world that may be comfortable or uncomfortable. He talks about :The fish out of water." Sometimes I've used this but sometimes I've made the fish be in the water and the changes that come from without. Mrs. Miller in the first two stories of the mystery series is in her world and her world is threatened. In the third and fourth books of the series she does step out of her world and I think when I get to the fifth, she will again leave her world and in the sixth she will return to her world being disturbed by events. So reading just a few paragraphs has made me think about the stories I've written and the ones I'll be writing.

Re-reading this segment made me realize how important world-building is for the writer to master. Even in the contemporary story each character's world is slightly different. As I've continued to write since I read this part of the book, world building has become a vital part of the way I start to plan my stories. How about you? Do you look at the characters' view of their world whether contemporary, historical or a fantasy world?

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