Monday, July 25, 2016

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #Poetry #Heat wave #Writing

Meander 1 - Poem - Strike


They brought him home.
His face a bloody mess.
And I screamed, screamed.
My father's face I did not know.
A stranger distorted entered my life
Victim and does i one flesh.
The memory of violence
Lives with me yet.

Meander 2 - We are experiencing a heat wave. There have been clusters of hot and humid weather. They say there must be three days in a row to be considered a wave. The day between didn't really help. My study has no air conditioner. Fortunately in this old house there are other rooms with the cooling machines. The ceiling fan does carry some of the cold in here. But other than less heat and humidity we need rain. We are on restricted water use. I do hope our neighboring state will have the same restrictions since they suck most of the water from out small county.

Meander 3 - Writing. Mainly I'm typing but I really hope to have my special project finished by the middle of next month. Then I will really get to work on my own stories. There are so many to work on. I'll finish the three medical ones making the series extend to six books. Then I'll need to finish some series and trilogies especially the one that will be twelve books.

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