Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday's Blurbs features Books by Frank Talaber #MFRWauthor

Raven’s Lament
Ever meet anyone who took you to the edge of everything you ever thought possible, or ever knew?
Meet Canada's West Coast version of Milligans, Peaceful Warrior.
Charlie Stillwaters. He'll not only take you to that edge. He'll smile as he kicks you screaming off it.
Based on a true story and native oral legends.

Shaman’s Lure

Vancouver real X-Files case. Witch freed from Stanley Park. Mayor Dead. Hell's angels mad as he comes back from the dead. Yup, you heard me right on that one. It's all tied in with the adage that when you get really drunk and everyone tells you about what you did, but don't remember. Well, there's a bar in Stanley Park that when you've had too much to drink, spirits take over your body until you sober up. Hey, I hear they have half price shooters on Tuesdays. 

Shuttered Seduction

Your usual romance, Man meets woman they fall in love. Go bungee-jumping, meet grizzly bear. Oh did I mention he wants to buy her business out from under her? Hmm, maybe not your usual romance then. And I ain't even going to give you a clue about the cross-dressing party.

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Tricia McGill said...

There is certainly nothing of the ordinary nature about your books, Frank.