Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration - Triggered by Bird By Bird - Anne Lamott - Voices In Your Head #MFRWauthor

What Anne Lamott calls Station KFKD, I call the voices in my head. They're not what I try to listen to and unfortunately can't avoid. On one hand they speak about what a great writer I am and on the other time they shout about how awful this story is and how Writer A or B can do tell the story better. Concentrating on the characters in your story is one way to keep those voices out. Also a bit of knowledge that you're telling stories and the story is yours not Author A or B's. The characters are figments of your imagination and no one else's. You can also remember it's all right to envy another writer's success as long as it doesn't keep you from telling your own story.

So the moral of this is to focus on your characters and your story. Anything else needs to be filtered out. So the negative and the positive cancel each other out and you're left with telling the story of how your characters get on with their lives.

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