Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration - By Bird By Bird - Anne Lamott - Paying Attention #MFRWauthor #writing

"Writing is about paying attention." Anne Lamott.

Paying attention is good and learning to use words to let other people know what you see is an important lesson for a writer. I remember a course I took many years ago that set me to describing different people, places or things. I'll admit when I started out all I had was lists of words and thsoe lists found their way into any story I happened to be writing. Frankly they were boring. What I nad to do was learn to use words to bring those views into focus. An artist or a photographer has it fairly easy. What they envision comes across to what the picture shows. Putting those pictures into words takes more than a list.

If it takes more than a list, then what comes to mind. Those lovely phrases and those comparisons are what makes a word picture come to life. She sat in the garden changes. A slight breeze brought the scent of roses swirling around her. The vivid reds and whites paled before the nearly purple rose on the climbing vine.

That's what paying attention should mean to a writer, not lists but making those lists come alive. As I continued to write, I became better at making my lists come alive. So pay attention and make those lists while you're viewing a scene. Once you're done, really pay attention and make thsoe people, places or things come alive. Don't just have a car, have a heap with the rear doors tied in place or a sleek perdatory machine. Show the twinkles in the heroes eyes and the spark of mischief in the smile. Make paying attention what you do when you observe the world and then make what you;ve seen come alive.

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