Monday, February 15, 2016

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #poetry #aging

Meander 1- A Poem

The Gift

The bus depot was dim and dank. The gift
You sent had just arrived. The gnomish man
With rasp edged voice pointed and made me life
And carry it to my car, Myhands began
To wrestle with the sealing tape and tear
My fingernails. Soon the tape was overthrown
To reveal a goant set of kitchenware
Enough to feed a regiment. I live alone.
Am I ever in your fantasy chained to stove and
Sink as I never was before. Do you
See me spoon in hand flashing wedding band
Stirring giant pots filled with bubbling stew?
What made you choose the gift I needed least
In honor of the end of our wedding feast?

Meander 2 - Blue Hair - When I was a child I used to admire the elderly ladies with Blue Hair. I wasn't sure how their hair became that color. I sort of imagined they used the blueing my grandmother used to keep the white clothes very white. These ladies were always so well-groomed. They spent time at the beauty parlor. I'm sure not that's where they recieved their blue hair, not some packet of blueing or evey the dyes on the shelves to change the color of clothes. Dignified, ladies. They wore dresses, stockings and sensible heels and they wore hats to church and sometimes just to go to town. I've reached the age and maybe beyong the age of these ladies. My hair is gray, I want blue hair, but I don't fit the picture of the Blue Ladies. Dresses are hated things since one has to wear stockings and sensible shoes with a little heel. I like sneakers and slacks. But I really want Blue Hair. I've found the perfect solution. There is this bit of hair I've had to find a way to pull back since it gets in my face since the day the woman at the beauty shop cut my hair. I said shoulder length. When she finished the length barely covered my ears. So that lock of hair is going to be turned Blue and I won't have to give up slacks, sneakers and socks. But I can consider myself a Blue Lady since I'm old but I'm not dignified.

Meander 3 - Writing - The edits came for Wizards of Fyre and have been done and sent back to the publisher. Easy ones. Just one thing. I'm sure the editor put in the punctuation marks I didn't but that's all right. What puzzled her was weed instead of wood. Those were words but not the ones I really wanted. Other writing is going well. Nearly finished the re-writes on the fifth book of At First Sight series. Waiting for the edits on the first book since it needs to be put into Amazon by the 24th of this month. After the sixth book is rewritten I will begin the secret project that isn't all that secret.

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