Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration - Jealousy #MFRWauthor

Once again we look at the voices in your head and come upon one that really isn't a good one for you to feel. Jealousy. This voice makes you feel like what you are doing has no value. Look at how Writer A and Writer B are doing. Why can't you do the same? They must have some kind of trick. Surely they aren't better writers than you. How did A or B manage to hit a "best seller list" when you are struggling to gain readers? Slowly your confidence tanks.

How can you overcome this? You could be supportive of writer A or B and this might help for awhile but that nagging voice keeps crying "This should be me."

What I do is constantly remind myself that I write what I like to read. I enjoy writing and if other people are more successful, sure it hurts for a moment but I will continue writing the best as I can. There are some people who begin making nasty remarks about the successful writer. I never want to become one of them. My advice is to keep writing and enjoying what you are writing. Remember the person you must show your own success is you.

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