Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday's Inspiration - One Word Leads... #MFRWauthor #amwriting #Writing

One Word leads to another and another. For me that's the way a story works. Sometimes finding the right word to start the flow of words is difficult. There are days when the word flow is barely able to complete a paragraph. Other days the words flow almost too fast to catch.

How about you? Do you find the right word hard to come by? Do the words flow too fast for you to catch them all?

I'm one of those people who writes the initial drafts in pen on paper. When i go to put them into the computer there are days when I have difficulty reading what I wrote. Those are the days when the flow is like a water tap that can't be turned off. Other days the writing is round and easy to read. That's a day when the words come slowly.

The important thing is getting those words down. One word leads to another and another. Suddenly the story becomes complete but then one has to look at the words and see if they are the right ones for the story. But if the words hadn't flowed on paper or on the screen there would be no story to edit and revise.

Just remember - One Word Leads To Another and Another. So keep putting your words on the paper or in the computer.

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