Monday, September 7, 2015

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor

\Meander 1 - Tooting Your Own Horn - I fear I do some of this. It's called promotion and one must to get their name out there. But there's another kind of tooting that troubles me. There are people who post every time they get a great review and share it with the world. Several things bother me about this. Great reviews are just one person's opinion and matter only to that person. Yes, I do write reviews of many of the books I read but I mean it for the writer not for the world. The other thing that makes me wonder is this. Is the tooting person trying to persuade others that they've written a great book or themselves. Now on my Sunday's looking At My Books, I do post reviews but this is a promo thing. My friends and relatives only see these things when and if they read my blogs.

Meander 2 - Brown Grass - When I look outside our grass is brown and there's weeks before autumn begins. The leaves on the trees are brown edged, too. This has been a long spell without rain and we need some badly, especially since much of the water in the county is sent elsewhere to feed hungry lawns of other people. We're on restricted use at present. So I'm hoping for rain very soon. Unfortunately the weather report says Thursday or Friday.

Meander 4 - My Writing - Am busily typing Wizards of Fyre into the computer. Then it will be the drafts done on the printed chapters until they become covered with so many instructions and ideas I have to resort to other pieces a paper. Used to be scraps but no longer. Just ruled paper one per chapter. Have almost finished rewriting Seducing The Chef. Old mss. published before but I'm adding about 5000 words to the 18000 words already written putting in things that were left out and making the flow of the story better. Have five more of these to go but will work on them between new stuff. Not sure about completely re-writing the 7th which is a totally different story but if I must, I must. Once Wizard is finished I'll be doing the Cancer Capricorn story and the paper today gave me some material to add to the book. New developments in Orthopedics for him.

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