Monday, September 28, 2015

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #poetry

Meander 1 - The Danger of Setting Goals - With my writing and with everything else, I try to set goals. Some are easy to accomplish. Others seem inpossible. There are some I must get to or I'll end up tearing myhair out. Are they dangerous goals. Not really but they mean making phone calls and being put on hold. I do not like to be put on hold. Don't think anyone does but I start going crazy. Another goal that's becoming hard to manage has nothing to do with my writing. But with information I should have given to my publishers, like who do they send any royalties collected after I'm gone. This is a dangerous thing since it makes me face that I will not live forever. I will try to make these goals soon or later.\

Meander 2 _ Last time I talked about a poem called Fruitfly Fourth of July. Haven't found it yet, but I did find some notebooks that had a lot of poems written down. Actually not a single note book but a dozen or more soI thought why not put a poem in my blog everyweek. They may not be great poetry but I enjoyed writing them and some of them are interesting to read. So here goes.

                                                     The Medicine Men
While lying on my bed of pain, I see
A funny similarity between
The men who came to view my body ill
And those whose feathered dance treat the sick.
These moderns come iwth pills and stethescopes
In hopes of curing all my body aches.
The tribal chiefs of yore too had their trucks
And with their magic hoped to drive away
The demons that reside and hide inside,
And yet I wonder as I lay and wait
If there is more success now than once before.

Meander 3 - Moving forward with another draft of the Wizards of Fyre. This seems to be going well and the words they are increasing. I will not have it done when I thought  it would be. Probably a month later but that's what I must do to make sure the story is what I want it to be. Have nearly finished one of the rights' back books and the story is told much better now. Still sexy and still a fun read but some of the things that needed expanded have happened.

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