Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Four More Ways To Show Characterization #MFRWauthor #writing

 Give the characters a bit of conflict to give a view of them. The conflict can be with other characters, or nature, or society. I'm currently writing a scene with an avalanche of mud and rocks. This is shown from two people's view and they are in conflict with each other. Can make for adding tension to the story.

Here's one that can prove interesting. A moment of truth. When one character learns what they have believed is either the truth or a lie. Can lead to a show of arrogance or a need to rethink their decisions.

Confession - This is often used in stories where one character must confess a secret, a love, a good or bad deed showing the reader and the other characters a slice of their nature.

Choice is another area of revelation. A character is faced with a choice to take one road or another, to do one thing or another. I remember writing a sceen in a book where the heroine a nurse comes upon an accident. She goes to the car and checks the driver who is barely alive. She also hears a boby. She removes the child fron the car and takes her to her own vehicle. One of my critique partner thought she should have stayed with the woman until help arrived. There is such a thing as triage that says when faced with multiple injured take care of the least injured first and then the more injured.

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