Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday's Blurbs featuring books by Betty Ann Harris #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLove

1. Book- A Very Special Agent

Best-selling romance author, Maggie Tyler, is being stalked and threatened by a psychotic fan. Alone and afraid, she turns to the FBI for help. 

Stephen O’Leary is the tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome FBI Special Agent who is assigned to protect her. Upon meeting Maggie, Stephen is totally smitten by this widowed beauty, a woman who possesses a kind heart and deep passions that match his own.

Amidst danger, mystery, and the villain’s overwhelming compulsion to have Maggie all to himself, she and Stephen fall madly in love. But by doing so are they unknowingly sparking jealousy and a dangerous obsession the stalker has to have Maggie all to himself?

2. Book- Eureka Point
Protected Heart Book One

Beautiful and successful Park Avenue interior designer, Katie O’Hara, realizes that her husband has deceived her. Worse than that, he has left her and she’s in danger. Her husband’s involvement with a dangerous South American drug cartel, forces Katie to enter the Witness Protection Program. Forced to change her name and identity, Katie, aka Lizzie, must relocate to Eureka Point, California.
FBI Special Agent Tom Owens is the agent assigned to protect her, which proves to be a difficult assignment. Danger lurks around every corner.  As Lizzie and her agent, Tom, become romantically involved, the danger grows. Unforeseen circumstances force Tom and Lizzie to flee. But the danger follows them. 

3. Book- Danger in Paradise

Beautiful FBI Special Agent Ruby Stone is on a leave of absence after witnessing the murder of her best friend and partner, Michael Davenport. Her friend, Sharon, asks her to take on a personal assignment and Ruby reluctantly accepts.

When she investigates Sharon's husband, John, she finds herself involved in a dangerous and twisted case. 

Will Ruby figure out what treacherous game she's involved in before it’s too late, and in time to save herself and the man she's fallen in love with?


Tricia McGill said...

All your books sound interesting and exciting. Good luck with sales.

Janet Lane Walters said...

Will be reading some of your stories when I have a moment